Aug 6, 2014

TWS Wednesday Writing Challenge 8.6.2014

Set your timer to 10 minutes and start writing. Your opening sentence should be 

"I met him at the coffee shop on the corner.  He was waiting at a table near the back..." 

Remember you can write in any style or format. When you are finished cut and paste your 10 min piece in the comment thread below OR put a link to your own blog or area where you write online.


  1. This, I thought, was getting ridiculous. I made my way back there, and sat at the next table, facing the entrance. I ordered a double espresso with extra espresso and opened my newspaper, pretending to read. My coffee came.
    “How can you drink that stuff?” he said, out of the side of this mouth. He was being comical.
    I turned to face him. “I like it.” I got a better look at him from this angle. Prominent jaw on a long face, equally prominent nose, which seemed like it wasn’t quite seated properly on his face. It had been broken at least once before, I guessed. It was a Dick Tracy face, all angles and nobs, unshaven, and shadows from the cafe’s downlights cast yellowy-blue shadows that hollowed out his cheeks. He turned to look at me too, and caught me staring.
    “See anything you like?” he asked. I shifted back to my newspaper, not sure what he was talking about, his face or the newspaper I was glaring at. His comment was out of place and out of time, like a bobbed vestige from a previous conversation. One that only existed in his own head.
    “How about those Canadiens, eh?” I said, extending the charade.
    He returned his attention to the entrance of the cafe, and beyond it to an elderly couple passing on the street outside. “Those yo-yos can’t skate,” he said.

  2. You have an entertaining writing style.

  3. Love it. curious about who these two are and what the story behind the story is!